Fans Think Joey Bada$$ Straight Up Went Blind and Canceled his Upcoming Shows

Joey BadEye$$ is now a thing

Joey Bada$$ is apparently the ultimate bad ass, or he just went blind. One or the other.

Let us explain: The rapper tweeted out post-solar eclipse that he watched the whole thing go down without protection, and saw colors for an entire day afterwards. Yikes.

His Twitter following had a field day coming up with punny nicknames like “Joey BadEye$$” and “All-Amerikkkan Blinda$$” but the madness didn’t stop there.

Suddenly, due to “unfor-SEEN (get it?!) circumstances” he up and had to cancel his opening appearances on Logic‘s Everybody Tour stops in Cleveland, Chicago & Toronto. Coincidence? We think not.

Even if it isn’t so, his fans reactions that followed were almost worth every moment Joey Bada$$ stared into the blinding sun… This Twitter frenzy became such a spectacle that we’re almost expecting him to address the claims, so we’ll keep you updated on that!

H/T: Spin | Photo via Joey Bada$$ / Facebook

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