Game Of Thrones Season 7 Finale Sets Series Record With 16 Million Viewers

Its most popular episode ever

Game Of Thrones has become a worldwide phenomenon – even for those who didn’t read the books and are just now getting into the series, a voracious fandom has been born. According to The Verge, 10 million people tuned in live to watch the season 7 finale of the series, “Dragonstone.” That number officially beats last season’s finale turnout of 8.89 million. However, even that doesn’t take into account the 6 million additional viewers who streamed the finale, bringing the total to 16 million viewers.

Compared to the pilot episode in 2011 which only brought in 2.2 million viewers, it’s astonishing how quickly the series has grown and how consistent it has been from season to season. Even though the show was off the air for three months longer than the usual one-year gap between seasons, it didn’t miss a beat when it returned.

Season 8 is expected to air in summer 2018, but considering how the series is wrapping up (rumors are that season 8 will be the show’s final six episodes, though nothing is set in stone) it could be as late as 2019.

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