This Little Detail from Last Night’s Game of Thrones Could be a Game Changer

Is this Easter egg a plot twist, or simply an optical illusion?

Game of Thrones fans are still buzzing over the adrenaline packed episode last night, which has left viewers completely drained of every possible emotion with just one episode left to go in the 7th season…

The ultimate war between fire and ice is well underway, and with all the excitement it’s easy to overlook a minuscule detail, but perhaps very vital Easter egg during the battle scene. While hearts sink along with Jon Snow straight into depths of the freezing death filled pool, this awesome little split-second moment occurs only to be spotted be the utmost observant.

Thankfully, a Redditor points it out for us via r/gameofthrones… Just as Jon Snow emerges from the water and reaches for Longclaw, something amazing happens!

CAUTION: Spoilers ahead (obviously)!

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Whether it’s an intentional move by the directors, simply an optical illusion, or a plot thickening twist, we’ll just have to wait and see…

H/T: Mashable

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