High School George R.R. Martin And Jon Snow Are The Same Person [PICS]

Ready to have your mind blown?

If you want to see what Jon Snow would look like as a high school student, rid of all the burdens of battling the White Walkers and doing noble king things… Well just check out George R.R. Martin‘s yearbook photo because it’s a spitting image of the Game of Thrones character!

Twitter user @broderick, the Deputy Global News Director of Buzzfeed, first noticed the insane resemblance between the King of the North and the author / creator of the series himself. Kind of makes us wonder if GOT was some kind of self-fantasy Martin thought up while daydreaming in math class.

As you can see below, the current day Kit Harington and George R.R. Martin’s younger self are one of the same. The resemblance is so spot on it’s almost freaky… Twinning!

Kit Harington Looks Like Young George R.R. Martin


Photo by Suzi Pratt

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