Residents of Florida Warned Not To Shoot At Hurricane Irma

The Hurricane Continues To Storm Through Florida Leaving Millions Without Power

Apparently, Florida Police are concerned about the implications arising from a seemingly harmless Facebook Event titled “Shoot At Hurricane Irma” which has since attracted 54,000 “interested” attendees while a further 28,000 marked themselves as having attended.

Last night, the official Twitter account for Pasco Sherrif’s office in central Florida tweeted a Yahoo! article about the creator of the Facebook event’s antics warning residents of the danger of firing live ammunition into a hurricane ahead of the Facebook Event’s listed start time of 10 EST this morning. For what it’s worth, the creator of the event Ryon Edwards has clarified that the event came out of a “combination of stress and boredom.” He also since clarified in a statement to TIME that he was “amazed that anyone could see it as anything else than a joke.”

It’s unclear whether anybody actually ended up trying to shoot at Hurricane Irma to get it to turn around but either way, it seems to have little effect as Hurricane Irma has since put over approximately out 1.5 million residents of Florida out of power.



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