Could This Be The First Real Look At The Samsung Galaxy S10? [PHOTO]

Samsung's new flagship phone is on the way...

Everyone is buzzing about the Galaxy S10 — and thanks to a new leak, we might actually have our first look.

The photo below, titled “‘Beyond 1’ in the wild,” shares an image of a smartphone that aligns with Samsung‘s latest and most advanced device to date. If this is the real deal, it’s looking pretty slick.

The Galaxy S10 will reportedly feature a triple lens (primary, wide-angle, 2x optical zoom), fingerprint scanner, a rival to face ID, and an almost entirely bezel-less exterior design. Moving with the trends, the prospected Galaxy S10 looks a lot like an iPhone, but it doesn’t quite measure up in size.

Overall, Forbes calls this a “radical departure” from the Galaxy S9. If so, expect much more of a difference with the introduction of the Galaxy S10 than what Apple users typically experience with iPhone upgrades.

Be on the lookout for more updates soon.

First Look: Galaxy S10


Source: Forbes

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