To Watch Everything Netflix Made In 2018 Would Take You 62 Days

And coordinated bathroom breaks...

Netflix released a lot of original content in 2018. A lot

According to a new report from Ashley Rodriguez at Quartz, it would take any person 62 days straight to go through all the content the streaming and content creation service released in the past 12 months. Actually, it’s 62 and a half days.

Rodriguez compiled a list of all original content that Netflix released in 2018, coming out to a little over 340 true Netflix originals. (NY Mag differentiates the two: “For instance, the series Altered Carbon was a Netflix original, while Netflix bought the first-run rights for the movie Annihilation outside of the U.S., so Rodriguez didn’t count the latter in her tabulation.”)

90,000 minutes of bingeable video. 1,500 hours. 62.5 days. Just under 9 weeks. It seems like a long time, but when Rodriguez puts it another way, millennials might not see much wrong with it.

“It would have taken more than four hours of streaming per day, every day of 2018, to watch all of it,” writes Rodriguez.

Honestly, the harder part would be limiting yourself to just four episodes of “Narcos,” “GLOW,” or “The End of the F***ing World” per day. Of the 90,000 minutes of original content, 58,000 went to original series (as opposed to movies).

There’s lots of original content on Netflix slated for 2019, including new series with Idris Elba and Paul Rudd. Check out a list of IndieWire’s most-anticipated releases here.

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