Samsung Reveals New Galaxy S10 Line, Complete With Headphone Jack

Thank god someone is brave enough to keep it

Samsung just announced the Galaxy Fold, but that’s not all. Also announced today is the Korean manufacturer’s Galaxy S10 line: the S10e, S10, and S10+.

The new S10 series is a much bigger jump from the S9 flagship than the S9 was from the S8. Notable features of the S10 include the multiple cameras on the back of the phone, more than 90% usable screen space, and the impressive display.

Also of note is the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, which differentiates itself from optical sensors.

And best of all, the Galaxy S10 retains the headphone jack.

Pricing starts at $899.99 for Galaxy S10 and $999.99 for the Galaxy S10+, and they launch starting on March 8th. For more on the S10 and S10+, watch the brief overview from MKBHD below.

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